Reiki, a Very Singular Gift

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I truly believe when the student is ready, the teacher arrives. Also, at the right moment, vocations one might have never contemplated before in one’s journey, suddenly wake up. That is how Reiki came into my life. The day I was invited to participate in the level one certification course, I didn’t have a clear view of what I was getting into. But I immediately knew Reiki was for me.

Reiki is an energetic healing system, where Universal Energy is transmitted through the imposition of hands and other techniques. The word Reiki, of Japanese origin, is divided into two significant syllables:

Rei = Spirit, Universal Energy

Ki = Vital Force, Radiant Energy

In other words, Reiki means Universal Vital Energy. One of the questions that generally crosses the mind of those exposed to this subject for the first time is this: Is Reiki a religion or is it associated with a religion? The answer is no. This is one of the great advantages of this system and the main reason it captivated me immediately. Everybody can benefit from Reiki healing, no matter what creed they profess, or even if they do not have any religious belief at all. The Reiki healer becomes an instrument in the service of the light, through the manipulation or rather the concentration of that universal life energy, in benefit of the patient’s health. It is the patient who decides how to call the source of that universal energy, according to his or her belief system, be it God, Allah, etc., if the patient so wishes. Truth is, no matter what label is imposed onto it, the effect is the same, since what gives Reiki its strength to work is the positive intention of the Reiki healer towards the patient. Once the healer allows those energies to use her/him as a vehicle, the laws of the universe take control and act in all of their wisdom. Hence, it is very important for the Reiki healer to respect his/her patients’ beliefs, and to allow the energy to do its job.

Mikao Usui

Reiki is based in ancient wisdom that was once lost to oblivion. The system was rediscovered by Mikao Usui, Japanese doctor, and teacher who for ten years, completely dedicated his life to searching the answer to the following question: How did the great teachers such as Jesus Christ and Buddha, among others, were able to heal others through the imposition of hands? His search led him to deeply study the different religions and to travel to Buddhist monasteries in Japan until he found an ancient Sanskrit writing from Tibet. After 21 days of meditation and fasting, Usui received the answer he ‎sought. That is how this ancestral knowledge is revived and as of today, it is practiced around the world, with excellent results. Even some traditional medicine hospitals have integrated Reiki as part of their therapy offerings since they recognize the positive impact on the patient’s recovery time.

You may be asking yourself, what are the uses and benefits of Reiki? One of the major benefits is, it not only works at a physical level, treating the different disharmonies in the body’s systems, but also acts upon the mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. At a mental level, Reiki helps us rid ourselves of negative models ingrained in our subconscious, many times themselves the source of the physical discomfort we are experiencing. At the emotional level, Reiki therapy facilitates healing of emotive problems and liberates us from repressed or stagnant emotions, restoring equilibrium, and liberating us from fears. At the spiritual level, Reiki elevates our consciousness and our vibrations, facilitating our reconnection with our Higher Self.

Therefore, Reiki is highly effective among many other uses, as a relaxation method, for pain management, for improving the immune system, recovering from illness or surgery, overcoming phobias, fears and vices, improving efficacy of traditional medicines and minimizing their side effects, cleaning the body of toxins, improving sexual performance, helping terminal patients to physically and spiritually prepare for the death process, and for treating conditions such as anxiety, stress, musculoskeletal disorders, tiredness, insomnia. In short, Reiki is effective in treating any physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual condition. It is important to note that Reiki has no negative side effects. Also, its positive effects are accumulative, and therefore, it is recommended to expose oneself to several treatments.

Another one of the major advantages of Reiki is, it cannot only be applied for healing people, but it is highly effective on animals and plants as well. Moreover, Reiki can be applied to situations, therefore allowing us to direct Reiki energy towards the healing of countries, conflicts, etc. In addition, Reiki therapy can be offered as distance healing, if necessary.

What can I expect when I expose myself to a Reiki therapy for the first time? Although it can be

practiced anywhere and in any position, generally the therapy takes place in a relaxed atmosphere, laying on a massage table, similar to what you would see on a spa or traditional massage practice. The Reiki practitioner may use, to her/his discretion, elements to assist the patient in the relaxation process, such as music, or aromatherapy. The healer will impose her hands on key energy points on your body, keeping them at each point as long as she deems necessary, according to the needs of each patient. If you prefer not to be touched directly, your Reiki therapist may apply the treatment keeping his hands at a short distance from the body, obtaining the same results. Also, assistive tools may be used in the process, such as quartz crystals, Tibetan singing bowls, chromotherapy (color therapy), among others, which, although may be of great benefit in the healing process, are certainly not indispensable at all: only Reiki energy and good will are.

A Reiki therapy session generally last between 30 to 90 minutes, and can have a cost of $45 to $100, approximately what you would pay for a traditional massage session, but with much greater and transcendental benefits. I would like to make clear the monetary exchange between therapist and patient must not always take place. While it is true some people offer Reiki as their means of providing for their material needs (which is perfectly fine and positive), there are Reiki practitioners who may offer therapy in exchange for other ways of remuneration, be it trading of professional services or goods, or simply for spiritual knowledge.

It is important pointing out that in the Reiki process, both patient and therapist are benefited. For the therapist, being initiated in this road represents a transcendental life change, where he will guide his behavior by the Reiki principles, in a constant search for spiritual development, at the service of others. Reiki will become a lifestyle for the practitioner, and an integral part of her day to day.

Remember as with anything under the sun, there are not so serious individuals who call themselves Reiki therapist, who do not have the knowledge or the right intentions. As with any other service, you would seek, investigate first about the therapist’s reputation, his training, and his results. Even though Reiki is not regulated by any agency or entity, several ramifications and schools exist, and your therapist should be certified by at least one of them, be it of Japanese or Tibetan origin. My advice is, in addition to your research onto your therapist’s lineage, listen to your intuition above anything else. If you do not feel comfortable with your therapist, find another one. However, do not judge Reiki results on only one session, since sometimes it takes a while to notice tangible results, and also, do not think the therapy did not have the desired effect if you feel sad afterward. Sometimes, sadness is part of the healing process. Use your good judgment, and listen to your inner voice.

I hope to have awakened your curiosity about Reiki, and your wish to experience the amazing benefits this practice has to offer. Whether you would like to receive a Reiki therapy, or to become a therapist, I invite you to open yourself to the infinite possibilities the universe offers for the improvement of your quality of life at all levels, and above all, for you to find yourself. In the words of Master Usui: “Look inside, enter the silence, and listen to your heart.”

Sanadores, Psíquicos, Vidas Pasadas y Llamas Gemelas – Mi Coctel Personal

Reiki Level 2Recientemente me certifiqué como sanadora Reiki Nivel 2. Si me hubieras preguntado hace seis meses qué era Reiki, probablemente hubiera contestado que era algún tipo de terapia de masaje relajante. Sin embargo, una vez  te abres a las infinitas posibilidades que el Universo te ofrece, y aceptas que tienes un llamado superior y una misión que se te ha confiado, una que sólo tú puedes completar, todo comienza a caer en su lugar por sí solo.

A principios de año, yo estaba sobreviviendo miserablemente en un trabajo que odiaba, y finalmente decidí que era tiempo de cerrar esa puerta y comenzar a hacer algo que me hiciera realmente feliz. Ya que era una gran decisión el dejar un trabajo que pagaba bien y ofrecía beneficios decentes, para sentarme en casa a escribir una novela, pensé que era una buena idea visitar a mi psíquica antes de embarcarme en esta nueva aventura. A parte de todas las crónicas de muertes anunciadas que ella me señaló, hubo dos puntos de su sesión que me marcaron: “Tu misión tiene que ver con encontrar aquello que une a los seres humanos, por encima de sus diferencias ideológicas” y “Tú eres psíquica, todos lo somos, pero eres una psíquica fuerte, y debes desarrollar tu talento”.

el-locoConociendo a mi psíquica desde hace algunos años y confiando en sus instintos, decidí abrirme a cualquier cosa y a todo lo que se presentara en mi camino. Me matriculé en un curso de Tarot, e hice una cita para una regresión de vidas pasadas. En el curso de Tarot, una de las participantes se quejó de sentirse afectada por una energía en la habitación. Mi psíquica preguntó si alguno de nosotros había sido adiestrado en Reiki. Tres personas se pusieron de pie y comenzaron a limpiar el aura de la mujer, mientras la psíquica cantaba una hermosa canción de sanación. Ese fue mi primer encuentro con el Reiki. Un semana más tarde, “de la nada”, recibí una llamada de mi prima, diciéndome que su Sensei de Yoga estaría invitando a un Master de Reiki a su academia, para ofrecer un curso de Reiki Nivel 1, y que necesitaban un participante más para completar el grupo. Y así fue cómo el Reiki me encontró.

Me enamoré de inmediato. En cuanto el Maestro dijo que el Reiki no se afiliaba a ninguna religión o credo, y que todos se podían beneficiar del poder sanador de la Energía Universal, sin importar que creyeran que la misma proviene de Dios, Alá, Buda, los Ángeles, Maestros Ascendidos, Santos, la Fuerza, la física cuántica, o cualquier otra fuente positiva, supe que el Reiki era parte de mi misión. Todo se me dio tan natural también. Por supuesto, mi regresión de vida pasada lo haría más fácil de entender, pues ya había sido sanadora anteriormente, y había pagado por ello con creces (pero esa es otra historia, que algún día se convertirá en tremenda novela).

twin-flames-telepathy-2La semana pasada, completé el curso de Reiki Nivel 2, lo que me hace una sanadora Reiki, oficialmente. Estos seis meses han estado llenos de transformación para mí. Todos los pequeños y grandes detalles han ido cayendo en su sitio. Mi misión se me ha ido revelando como nunca antes, las personas correctas han tocado a mi puerta. He ido pasando por un proceso de purificación a todos los niveles. Mis escritos, el Reiki, el desarrollo de los poderes psíquicos, recuerdos de vidas pasadas, todo me estaba preparando para lo que viene: ayudar a otros en sus retos con el proceso de ascensión de llamas gemelas. Porque, aparte de todo lo que ya mencioné anteriormente, otro proceso inmenso ha estado llenando mis días: he estado inmersa en un curso intensivo de ascensión de llamas gemelas, ¡y aprendiendo sobre el tema a pulso! Ha sido una experiencia tipo casa embrujada/montaña rusa del cielo y el infierno, que básicamente me ha dado mi primera lección sobre amor incondicional. ¡Qué clase de paseo ha sido éste, y pensar que éste es sólo el comienzo! Pero a pesar de todas las lágrimas que he derramado, todas las veces que he pensado que me he vuelto loca y he pensado en ingresarme yo misma en el manicomio, estoy realmente feliz de estar pasando por esto, y más aún, sabiendo que mis lecciones me proveerán las herramientas para ayudar a otros; eso no tiene precio.

Espero escribir bastante sobre llamas gemelas en el futuro, aparte de producir videos, y pues, resulta que el libro que he estado escribiendo tiene que ver con el tema, aunque no tenía idea de ello cuando comencé a escribir las primeras notas “perversas” en una libretita en el trabajo en enero. Para aquellos que estén intrigados con el tema del fenómeno de las llamas gemelas, pronto escribiré una pieza sobre lo que es y lo que no es, comenzando con asegurarme que comprendan la diferencia entre un alma gemela (“soulmate”) y una llama gemela, términos utilizados erróneamente como sinónimos.

Mi vida ha cambiado dramáticamente, y seguirá cambiando. ¡Cambiando para bien! He encontrado mi norte. He estado trabajando fuertemente en redescubrir el amor propio, primer requisito para poder amar a los demás, lo cual a la larga me ayudará ser una mejor yo, una mejor madre, mejor amiga, mejor ser humano. Espero que el compartir mi viaje contigo te ayude a abrirte a tu propia misión, a escuchar tu llamado, a despertar de la ilusión de la separación, y finalmente darte cuenta de que estamos todos juntos en esto, porque todos somos UNO.

Healers, Psychics, Past Lives, and Twin Flames – My Personal Cocktail

Reiki Level 2I have recently been certified as a Reiki Level 2 healer. If you’d asked me six months ago what Reiki was, I would had probably told you it was some kind of relaxing massage therapy. However, once you open to the infinite possibilities the Universe offers, and you accept you have a higher calling and a mission you have been entrusted with, one only you can fulfill, everything stars falling into place on its own.

At the beginning of the year, I was miserably surviving at a job I hated, and I finally decided it was time to close that door, and start doing something that actually made me happy. Since it was a big decision leaving a job that paid well and had decent benefits, to sit home and write a novel, I thought it was a good idea to visit my psychic before embarking in this new adventure. Besides all the chronicles of announced deaths she pointed out, there were two highlights in her session that really hit me: “Your mission has to do with finding what unites human beings, despite their ideology differences” and “You are a psychic, we all are, but you are a strong psychic, and you should develop your talent”.

The FoolKnowing my psychic for some years now and trusting her instincts and good intentions, I decided to open myself up to anything and everything that came my way. I enrolled in a Tarot course, and I made an appointment to get a past life regression. During the Tarot course, one of the participants complained about feeling affected by an energy in the room. My psychic asked if any of us had been trained in Reiki. Three persons stood up, and they began cleaning the woman’s aura, while the psychic sang a beautiful healing song. That was my first real encounter with Reiki. A week later, “out of the blue”, I received a call from my cousin, telling me her Yoga Sensei was hosting a Reiki Master at her academy, to offer a Reiki Level 1 course, and they needed one more participant to complete the group. And that’s how Reiki found me.

I immediately fell in love. As soon as the Master said Reiki was not affiliated to any religion or creed, and everybody could benefit from the healing power of the Universal Energy, regardless if they believed it came from God, Allah, Buddha, the Angels, Ascended Masters, Saints, the Force,  quantum physics, or any other positive source, I knew Reiki was part of my mission. It all came so naturally to me as well. Of course, my past life regression would make it easy to understand, since I had been a healer before, and paid dearly for it (but that’s another story, and someday it will make a heck of a novel).

twin-flames-telepathy-2Last week, I completed the Reiki Level 2 course, which makes me a Reiki healer, officially. This six months have been full of transformation for me. All the little and big details have been falling into place. My mission has been revealing to me like never before, the right people has come knocking on my door. I have been going through a purification process at all levels. My writing, Reiki, psychic powers development, past life memories, all have been preparing me for what’s to come: help others through their challenges with twin flame ascension process. Because, besides all I have mentioned before, another huge process has been filling my days: I have been immersed in a twin flame ascension crash course, and learning about it the hard way! It has been a haunted house/roller coaster from heaven and hell kind of experience, which has ultimately thought me my first lessons on unconditional love. What a ride this has been, and to think this is just the beginning! But despite all the tears I’ve shed, all the times I’ve thought I have gone insane and have been tempted to walk myself into the psych ward, I am really happy I am going through this, and even more, knowing my lessons will give me the tools to help others; that is priceless.

I expect to be writing about twin flames a lot in the future, besides making some videos, and well, turns out the book I have been writing has to do with the theme all along, although I had no idea when I began writing the first kinky notes in a little notebook at work back in January. For those who are intrigued by the twin flame phenomena, I will soon write a piece on what it is, and what it is not, beginning with making sure you understand the difference between a soulmate and a twin flame, terms which are wrongly used as synonyms.

My life has changed drastically, and will keep changing.  Changing for the good! I have found my north. I have been working hard on rediscovering self-love, the first requisite to be able to love others, which ultimately will help me be a better me, a better mom, a better friend, a better human being. I hope sharing my journey with you will help you open up to your own mission, to listening to your call, waking up from the illusion of separation, and finally realizing we are all in this together because we are all ONE.

Loving ourselves just the way we are

How many times have you looked at yourself in the mirror and have not recognized the person you see? This becomes very common when we disconnect from our bodies, mainly because we do not like what the mirror presents.


Looking good is an obsession of our times. We are constantly bombarded with images of impossible bodies, many of which have become so thin by extracting ribs and other risky medical procedures. I do understand some procedures are necessary, when a person’s health is at imminent risk due to their excess weight. Those are not the cases I am referring to.  But I am sure you all know someone who is constantly complaining about the way they look, and you just cannot understand why, for they look just fine to you.

We have unreal expectations, wanting to look in real life like a model who has been airbrushed in the magazine’s pictures. Worse than that? We have a very perverted idea of what beauty is in the first place. External beauty is like fashion: the concepts come and go with time, just like bell-bottoms. Don’t believe me? Just check out the art of the Renaissance, where women were depicted as is, including love handles and cellulite.  That was in and sexy, considered a sign of health and fertility. Therefore, if parameters for external beauty are as changing as the weather, how are we supposed to keep up with the standards? Actually, we are not! The moment we understand that concept, we liberate ourselves from a heavy burden.

The Three Graces – Peter Paul Rubens (1639)

Consider this: how would the state of the human consciousness change if people invested just one fourth of the time they spend worrying about their external looks, actually taking care of their internal self? See, the thing is, the more you cultivate your internal beauty, the better you look on the outside! When you feel good about yourself, you emanate a beautiful energy that is perceived by others. That, in turn, makes you a beautiful person, appreciated by others for WHO you are, not for your measurements, height, and weight combination.

Accepting our bodies as they are, is the first step to actually attaining the changes you want. It’s the law of attraction, for it permeates and applies to everything in our lives. See, it’s OK to want to lose weight, but we have to start by being grateful for what we have TODAY. This body that you despise so much, is the one that has blessed you with all the emotions (positive and negative) that you have felt so far. Even if it looked different at some other point, it is still the same body; you didn’t move into a new host. How could we not be thankful for this marvelous perfect machine that allows us a 3D/4D experience to help us grow?

Once we are grateful for what we have, we can picture our bodies as we want them to look (visualization). One piece of advice though: go about this with the right intentions. Change your eating habits, not because you want to lose 30 pounds in 30 days and make your ex repent from leaving you. Change your eating habits because you understand it will help you be healthier, have more energy, and feel happier. Don’t begin an exercise program because your co-worker gets more attention from the boss due to her awesome figure. Begin an exercise program for its physical and mental benefits. See, the mindset is a very powerful tool. And everything in life is about intention. The purpose behind your actions DO matter greatly.

One thing is for sure, once you begin showing your body you love it as it is right now, you open the door for wonderful transformations. Go ahead, look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself how beautiful you look! Concentrate on those features of your body you actually like the most, and enjoy looking at them and celebrating them. I assure you this exercise will boost your self-esteem and help you overcome your complexes.

Remember, external beauty as sold by Hollywood is just a standardized measurement, like the SAT’s. And there is nothing standard about human beings. We are unique expressions of God’s love, and we are to appreciate our differences and particularities, for they make us WHO WE ARE.

Ignorance and the Spiritual Parasites

By Guest Writer: Antonio L. Rivera Rivera

To be or not to be…

To live or not to live…

To be-live or not to be-live…

Believe is a word that contains Faith within its roots. It’s amazing how things you think you imagined, become reality within our minds. It’s like when you get to know something you never heard of before, and then the universe sends you instant confirmations.

A few months ago, I got certified as a REIKI healer level 1. I was so excited because I always believed I had that gift within myself. With no preparation or instructions whatsoever, I had helped people before, by using energy knowledge within myself. It was so real, that some people experienced things during the process and afterwards. Still, I was not 100% convinced.

Almost two years ago, I had a nightmare in which my mom was murdered by some evil being. Short after that, she got ill from some disease that took doctors about six months to determine what it was. It was ALS; terrible disease. She was degenerating so fast that after a year, she was not able to eat by herself or wash herself. I tried everything within my reach to help her. I even paid for a stem cell treatment, with no results.

One day, my friend told me she was to complete a REIKI certification, and I saw a ray of light. I really wanted to go, but the spaces were limited. I was kind of frustrated, but I dealt with it. Few days before the certification, my friend called me and said someone cancelled his/her participation and that the space was open for me if I wanted it. My answer was a total YES.

I completed the certification and I had a really beautiful experience. I was really focused on helping my mom get better. The REIKI Master told us sometimes during this process, the person receiving the therapy could have visions and the REIKI healer could see and feel too. At first, I thought he meant that happened at higher REIKI level experiences, but then it happened to me during the certification. I had visions and felt so many emotions and sensations. So I got certified and I was ready to help my mom.

During the first session with my mom, I did not tell her she could experience visions or sensations. At the end of the therapy, I asked her what she felt and if she was able to see something. With her limited capacity to communicate, she told me she saw some colours, which is normal during the process. Then, I asked her if she had a vision and she said yes. She went to a river, she was like 16, and she said it was so peaceful. I also had a brief vision of some sort of old house or barn. I asked her if she was forcing her mind to see something and she said no.

Then, the second session took place. During the process everything was ok, until I got to her legs. I had a vision of some sort of being that was attached to her bones. It was like a parasite humanoid thing, female like. I saw it looking into my face and then going away. I was shocked by it. It was colour grey and it had roots or veins that it used to attach itself to my mom’s bones. Even though I was impressed by it, I remembered my REIKI Master’s advice: If you get to see something scary, don’t abandon your therapy. So I finished it and then, I asked my mom about her experience. This time around, she saw a lot of green energy and she had a vision where she was in a concrete house she had never seen before. I did not tell her about my experience.

I contacted my friend and told her about what happened, and she rapidly researched the internet about my experience. Meanwhile, I drew a quick image of what I saw during the session, and another one of what I dreamt more than a year ago. My friend came back to me with some video of a guy talking about Archons. What I learned from that video really resembled what I saw. Also, I found some visual interpretations in the internet that were very similar to my vision.

Drawing of the Archon I saw
Drawing of the Archon I saw

A few days later, my niece called and told me about a nightmare she had. She said some sort of devil was in her nightmare, along with a devil dog. She saw herself seating in front of a computer and something came out of the monitor. Then, she was being rounded by a huge rat with a long tail. Next, I appeared in her nightmare and I grabbed the rat and injected it with something. The rat became paralyzed, perhaps asleep or dead. Her nightmare was over. After she told me all this, I decided to send her the picture I drew. Her reaction was real quick. She assured me what I drew was exactly what she saw. I did not tell her about my experience with my mom and yet, we saw the same thing.

About a week later, I recalled a nightmare I had a long time ago. More than ten years ago, I guess. I was sleeping, when something passed through the wall and started to hunt me. I was trying to resist it, since I felt it was trying to possess me. Then, I screamed real hard and when I opened my eyes, I was sitting on my bed and I saw that thing flying away from me and passing through the wall again. I thought it was a nightmare, and laid back again and kept sleeping. The next morning when I woke up and put my feet on the ground, I found a pile of CD cases on the floor and a ruler that I used a lot to draw, on top of the cases. The thing is, the pile of CD cases was always on the left corner of my computer desk and the ruler, on the right one. Then I realized what happened that night wasn’t a simple nightmare. What is really amazing is, both beings were so much alike.

I have to say after this blessing from REIKI, the energy in my sister’s house where my mom was living, changed. On the third REIKI session with my mom, she had a vision of the sea and her mood was a little different. I felt her more peaceful. On the fifth session, she had no vision but saw a lot of white and purple energy in the crown chakra, and green all over her body. The following day, she asked for pasta with chicken and was able to eat it all. My sister was so impressed, since it was so hard for her to eat. My mom was happy, smiling. The next morning, she felt really bad, and died within two hours. All I got to say is, when I got there few minutes later, she looked so peaceful I had the feeling she was finally cured from that ill body she had.

In the end, I think the energy cured her from that parasite that was making her suffer, imprisoning her in her own body. That nigh I dreamt of her and she was giving away white packages to all people around her. On the following nights, my sister, niece and cousin, all dreamt of her and she told them she was finally cured, that she is ok, and not to worry. Now I do believe these spiritual parasites are real, and they take advantage of us thanks to our ignorance.

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