Ignorance and the Spiritual Parasites

By Guest Writer: Antonio L. Rivera Rivera

To be or not to be…

To live or not to live…

To be-live or not to be-live…

Believe is a word that contains Faith within its roots. It’s amazing how things you think you imagined, become reality within our minds. It’s like when you get to know something you never heard of before, and then the universe sends you instant confirmations.

A few months ago, I got certified as a REIKI healer level 1. I was so excited because I always believed I had that gift within myself. With no preparation or instructions whatsoever, I had helped people before, by using energy knowledge within myself. It was so real, that some people experienced things during the process and afterwards. Still, I was not 100% convinced.

Almost two years ago, I had a nightmare in which my mom was murdered by some evil being. Short after that, she got ill from some disease that took doctors about six months to determine what it was. It was ALS; terrible disease. She was degenerating so fast that after a year, she was not able to eat by herself or wash herself. I tried everything within my reach to help her. I even paid for a stem cell treatment, with no results.

One day, my friend told me she was to complete a REIKI certification, and I saw a ray of light. I really wanted to go, but the spaces were limited. I was kind of frustrated, but I dealt with it. Few days before the certification, my friend called me and said someone cancelled his/her participation and that the space was open for me if I wanted it. My answer was a total YES.

I completed the certification and I had a really beautiful experience. I was really focused on helping my mom get better. The REIKI Master told us sometimes during this process, the person receiving the therapy could have visions and the REIKI healer could see and feel too. At first, I thought he meant that happened at higher REIKI level experiences, but then it happened to me during the certification. I had visions and felt so many emotions and sensations. So I got certified and I was ready to help my mom.

During the first session with my mom, I did not tell her she could experience visions or sensations. At the end of the therapy, I asked her what she felt and if she was able to see something. With her limited capacity to communicate, she told me she saw some colours, which is normal during the process. Then, I asked her if she had a vision and she said yes. She went to a river, she was like 16, and she said it was so peaceful. I also had a brief vision of some sort of old house or barn. I asked her if she was forcing her mind to see something and she said no.

Then, the second session took place. During the process everything was ok, until I got to her legs. I had a vision of some sort of being that was attached to her bones. It was like a parasite humanoid thing, female like. I saw it looking into my face and then going away. I was shocked by it. It was colour grey and it had roots or veins that it used to attach itself to my mom’s bones. Even though I was impressed by it, I remembered my REIKI Master’s advice: If you get to see something scary, don’t abandon your therapy. So I finished it and then, I asked my mom about her experience. This time around, she saw a lot of green energy and she had a vision where she was in a concrete house she had never seen before. I did not tell her about my experience.

I contacted my friend and told her about what happened, and she rapidly researched the internet about my experience. Meanwhile, I drew a quick image of what I saw during the session, and another one of what I dreamt more than a year ago. My friend came back to me with some video of a guy talking about Archons. What I learned from that video really resembled what I saw. Also, I found some visual interpretations in the internet that were very similar to my vision.

Drawing of the Archon I saw
Drawing of the Archon I saw

A few days later, my niece called and told me about a nightmare she had. She said some sort of devil was in her nightmare, along with a devil dog. She saw herself seating in front of a computer and something came out of the monitor. Then, she was being rounded by a huge rat with a long tail. Next, I appeared in her nightmare and I grabbed the rat and injected it with something. The rat became paralyzed, perhaps asleep or dead. Her nightmare was over. After she told me all this, I decided to send her the picture I drew. Her reaction was real quick. She assured me what I drew was exactly what she saw. I did not tell her about my experience with my mom and yet, we saw the same thing.

About a week later, I recalled a nightmare I had a long time ago. More than ten years ago, I guess. I was sleeping, when something passed through the wall and started to hunt me. I was trying to resist it, since I felt it was trying to possess me. Then, I screamed real hard and when I opened my eyes, I was sitting on my bed and I saw that thing flying away from me and passing through the wall again. I thought it was a nightmare, and laid back again and kept sleeping. The next morning when I woke up and put my feet on the ground, I found a pile of CD cases on the floor and a ruler that I used a lot to draw, on top of the cases. The thing is, the pile of CD cases was always on the left corner of my computer desk and the ruler, on the right one. Then I realized what happened that night wasn’t a simple nightmare. What is really amazing is, both beings were so much alike.

I have to say after this blessing from REIKI, the energy in my sister’s house where my mom was living, changed. On the third REIKI session with my mom, she had a vision of the sea and her mood was a little different. I felt her more peaceful. On the fifth session, she had no vision but saw a lot of white and purple energy in the crown chakra, and green all over her body. The following day, she asked for pasta with chicken and was able to eat it all. My sister was so impressed, since it was so hard for her to eat. My mom was happy, smiling. The next morning, she felt really bad, and died within two hours. All I got to say is, when I got there few minutes later, she looked so peaceful I had the feeling she was finally cured from that ill body she had.

In the end, I think the energy cured her from that parasite that was making her suffer, imprisoning her in her own body. That nigh I dreamt of her and she was giving away white packages to all people around her. On the following nights, my sister, niece and cousin, all dreamt of her and she told them she was finally cured, that she is ok, and not to worry. Now I do believe these spiritual parasites are real, and they take advantage of us thanks to our ignorance.

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Living in Faith

20150524_200928_LLSIndependently of our beliefs, all major religions emphasize the importance of having faith. A lot has been said about faith: it moves mountains, it’s about believing without seeing, he who possesses it is never alone. However, many of these phrases become in many people’s lives, a simple cliche we repeat when we do not know what to say. Because one thing is speaking about faith, and a very different one living in faith.

In countless occasions, I have questioned myself as to why do we live in such a constant dissonance with this concept. For example, it is very common to hear people who claim they believe in eternal life, confess their fear of death. It is very hard for me to negotiate this paradox, since if you loyally believe there is eternal life on the other side of the bridge, why then be afraid to cross it? Just like this one, we see many other examples in our day to day lives. It has always troubled me how those who portray themselves as the most devoted to their faith, are usually the first to totally lose their cool in a moment of crisis. Well, faith is not only about putting your situations in the hands of that superior being, it’s also about taking it as a matter of fact that the situation is already resolved in the best way for all involved, in harmony with divine order, and above all TO GIVE THANKS as if it already happened. That is how you demonstrate your faith. Because if you ask fearing you won’t be listened to, if you ask with shame, thinking you do not deserve the help you request, or if you feel your situations are a punishment, then do not expect a miracle.

Faith is not only to be verbalized, faith is to be demonstrated with your acts. With acts as “absurd” as the apostles following Jesus, who abandoned everything: their instruments to earn a living (meaning their fishing boats), their families, their homes, and they went following a man who sold them an ideal. I use this Christian faith example for it is the group I know the best. Imagine, my Christian friend, Jesus appears to you today and tells you: “I will teach you all the secrets of salvation and eternal life, but I need you to trust me, believe you will lack nothing, and to abandon your apartment with a beach view, your job at that private company that offers you health care benefits, a retirement plan, and a Christmas Bonus, and to stay away from your parents’ house, because I need you to spread my word to the ends of the planet”. Would you be willing to leave everything without hesitating and follow him? Or such sacrifices were only expected from people at the beginning of the Christian era? Fortunately, such big sacrifices are not always required from us, but I guarantee it is expected of us a faith that is demonstrated, not verbalized only to die drowned in doubts and complacency.

Once clear in our faith, we must take action towards that we wish, taking for truth it has already been granted to us. Behaving as if we already have that which we have requested, in harmony with the divine plan and for the good of all. Take those little steps that take us closer to our goal. It’s the old adage “Help yourself and Heaven will help you”. With this attitude, we demonstrate our faith. Just like the woman who touched Jesus’ robe among the multitude and she was cured of her ailment. She told herself: “If I only touch his robe, I’ll be healed”. Indeed, the woman was healed immediately, and Jesus told her: “Be encouraged, daughter. Your faith has healed you.”

20150524_200814Another profoundly important element in the process of demonstrating our faith, is to always maintain our head high, a happy mood, a serene spirit, and an eternal gratitude in our heart. The situations, as negative or insufferable as they may seem, always have a reason in the divine plan for our spiritual growth. As such, although we might not understand the reasons behind our sorrows just yet, we must feel grateful for the opportunity to face those challenges which later on, will bring us closer to the perfection of our being. We must see the blessings inherent in all processes of our lives.

Buddhists affirm faith functions as the inspiring energy that opens people up to trusting Buddha’s teachings. For them, faith is a process of confirming the teachings by oneself, through experimentation. It is a spiritual trip where we find PEACE and LIBERATION.

I invite you to commit to yourself, to begin that spiritual trip, where the goal is not other than the realization of your maximum expression as a human being. Because, as that beautiful healing song entitled “Ábrete Corazon” (Open Up Heart) says: “…to reach God, we must learn to be human”. (You can hear the song and read the lyrics here https://dotsub.com/view/b3b90dda-b999-4584-b617-3c4d5ab65d8f  ).

Vivir en Fe

20150524_200928_LLSIndependientemente de nuestras creencias, todas las grandes religiones hacen hincapié en la importancia de tener fe. Mucho se ha dicho de la fe: que mueve montañas, que se trata de creer sin ver, que el que la posee nunca está solo. Sin embargo, muchas de estas frases se convierten en la vida de muchos en un simple cliché que repetimos cuando no sabemos qué más decir. Porque una cosa es hablar de fe, y otra muy diferente vivir en fe.

En innumerables ocasiones me he cuestionado por qué vivimos en una constante disonancia con este concepto. Por ejemplo, es muy común que escuchemos a las personas que dicen creer en la vida eterna, confesar el terror que tienen a la muerte. Me cuesta trabajo negociar  esta paradoja, pues si usted es fiel creyente de que del otro lado del puente hay vida eterna, ¿por qué entonces teme cruzarlo? Así sucesivamente, vemos muchos ejemplos en nuestro diario vivir. Siempre me ha consternado que muchos de los que se pintan como los más devotos a su fe, son los primeros que en un momento de crisis, pierden por completo la calma. Y es que la fe no se trata solamente de ponerle sus situaciones en las manos a ese ser superior, se trata de dar por hecho que la situación ya está resuelta de la mejor manera para todos los involucrados, en armonía con el orden divino, y sobre todo DAR LAS GRACIAS como si ya hubiese sucedido. Eso es demostrar su fe. Porque si usted pide con miedo de que no lo van a escuchar, si pide con pena, pensando que no se merece la ayuda que solicita, o si siente que las situaciones son un castigo para usted, entonces no espere un milagro.

La fe no simplemente se verbaliza, la fe se demuestra con actos. Con actos tan “descabellados” como el de los apóstoles que siguieron a Jesús, que abandonaron todo: sus instrumentos de ganarse el pan (entiéndase sus barcos pesqueros), sus familias, sus hogares, y se fueron siguiendo a un hombre que les vendía un ideal. Utilizo este ejemplo de la fe cristiana por ser el grupo que más conozco. Imagínese amigo cristiano, que en el día de hoy se le apareciera Jesús y le dijera: “ Te voy a enseñar todos los secretos de la salvación y la vida eterna, pero necesito que creas en mí, en que nada te faltará, y abandones tu apartamento con vista al mar, tu trabajo en esa empresa privada que te ofrece beneficios de plan de salud, plan de retiro y bono de Navidad, y que te alejes de la casa de tus padres porque necesito que lleves mi palabra a los confines del planeta”. ¿Estaría usted dispuesto a dejarlo todo sin chistar y seguirlo? ¿O acaso eso sólo se pretendía de las gentes de principios de la era cristiana? Afortunadamente, no siempre se nos piden sacrificios tan grandes como ese, pero le garantizo que sí se espera de nosotros una fe que se demuestra, no que se verbaliza para luego morir ahogada en las dudas y la complacencia.

Estando claros en nuestra fe, debemos entonces tomar acción hacia lo que deseamos, dando por sentado que ya se nos concedió. Comportarnos como si ya tuviéramos eso que hemos solicitado en armonía con el plan divino y para el bien de todos. Dar esos pasitos que nos acerquen más a nuestra meta. El viejo adagio de “Ayúdate, que yo te ayudaré.” Con esta actitud, estamos demostrando nuestra fe. Igual que aquella mujer que tocó el anto de Jesús entre la multitud y fue sanada de su enfermedad. Ella se decía a sí misma: “Si alcanzo a tocar aunque sea su manto, me sanaré”. Efectivamente, la mujer fue sanada de inmediato, y Jesús le dijo: “Hija, por tu fe has sido sanada.”

20150524_200814Otro elemento de suma importancia en este proceso de demostrar la fe, es que mantengamos siempre nuestra cara en alto, nuestro ánimo alegre, nuestro espíritu sereno, y un eterno agradecimiento en nuestro corazón. Las situaciones, por más negativas o insufribles que nos parezcan, tienen una razón de ser dentro del plan divino para nuestro crecimiento espiritual. Por ende, aunque de momento no entendamos las razones detrás de nuestras penas, debemos siempre mantenernos agradecidos de la oportunidad de enfrentar esos retos que a la larga, nos acercan más a la perfección del ser. Debemos ver las bendiciones inherentes en todos los procesos de nuestras vidas.

Los budistas afirman que la fe funciona como esa energía inspiradora que abre a las personas a la confianza en las enseñanzas de Buda. Para ellos, la fe es un proceso de comprobar por uno mismo las enseñanzas, a través de la experimentación. Es un viaje espiritual donde encontramos PAZ y LIBERACION.

Te invito a que te comprometas hoy contigo mismo, en emprender ese viaje espiritual, donde la meta no es otra que la realización de tu máxima expresión como ser humano. Porque como esa hermosa canción de sanación titulada Ábrete Corazón: “…para llegar a Dios, hay que aprender a ser humano”. (Puedes escuchar la canción y leer la letra aquí http://cienciacosmica.net/abrete-corazon-musica-espiritual/ ).

El Mejor Regalo de una Madre a sus Hijos

mother and daughter

Sé que no soy tradicional. En el Día de las Madres, seguramente estás acostumbrada a que te digan lo grandiosa que eres, lo sacrificada que es tu profesión de madre, y lo mucho que haces por tus hijos. Pero hoy, siendo tan irreverente como soy, me atrevo a pedirte que reflexiones un poco sobre tu rol en la vida de tus hijos.

Verás. Mucho se dice sobre todo lo que las madres sacrifican por sus hijos, todo lo que las madres cantaletean para que sus hijos “aprendan”, y lo importante que es para una madre desvivirse para que sus hijos tengan ciertas cosas, aprendan ciertas cosas, y eviten ciertas cosas. Pues bien, vamos a examinar el caso de la maternidad en detalle.

Resulta madre, y me incluyo, que las mujeres tenemos un rol extraordinariamente especial y difícil. Somos portales interdimensionales. ¡Wow! Eso suena a Star Trek, ¿no? Pues sí, eso somos. Somos el vehículo por el cual un ser desencarnado, un alma, energía pura, toma un cuerpo físico tridimensional y entra en nuestra realidad material. ¡Diache! Eso suena fuerte. Pues lo es, sobre todo, porque el hecho de cargar a esas hermosas criaturas por nueve meses dentro de nuestros vientres, en ocasiones pensamos que nos da el derecho de sentirnos dueñas de ellas. Nada más lejos de la realidad.

Madre, tus hijos vinieron al mundo con un propósito (más allá de provocarte estrías, sacarte canas, y terminar con tus horas de sueño por el resto de tu vida). Todos venimos a este mundo a aprender de las lecciones que nos esperan, porque si sabemos aprovecharlas, ellas nos edificarán y nos harán mejores seres humanos.  Y eso incluye a tu nena, sí, a la que se enamoró del “tráfala” ese que tiene una pantalla en la lengua y que tú no quieres ver ni en pintura. ¿Sabes qué? No te corresponde evitarle a tu nena que pase por esa relación, y por su posible consecuente desilusión amorosa (aunque quién quita que el “tráfala ese” sea un santo; ¡déjate de estar juzgando a la gente por su apariencia!). Una cosa es que la aconsejes, una cosa es que ANTES de que llegue a la edad de enamorarse, te sientes con ella y le expliques todas las emociones que va a sentir cuando eso le suceda. Y recuerda que dejarla ver la novela esa no cuenta como educación sentimental (posiblemente todo lo contrario). Ahora bien, cuando el momento llegue de que la nena se enamore, la nena se va a enamorar de quien le salga a ella del corazón o de las hormonas. Y eso no lo puedes evitar. Interponerte sólo interrumpe el plan divino para con tu nena, y aunque no lo creas, retrasa su desarrollo espiritual. Míralo de esta forma, si Dios le mandó esa experiencia, es porque ella la puede manejar. Recuerda que Dios nunca nos da más carga de la que podemos llevar sobre los hombros, y en adición, nos dio un ángel guardián que está dispuesto a quitarnos esa carga y llevarla por nosotros, siempre y cuando le pidamos su asistencia (de lo contrario, respetará nuestro libre albedrío).

mother-and-sonPero tú, la madre del nene, no te creas que esto no te aplica igual. Sí tú, la que te preocupa que tu nene el monaguillo, el estudiante de cuatro puntos, se te enamoró de la muchachita esa de la vecina, la estudiante de bajo promedio, la que está cubierta de tatuajes, que se ha acostado con la mitad de la escuela superior, y no es lo que tú quieres para tu nene. Igual te digo, evitarle esta experiencia a tu hijo atenta contra su misión en la vida, pues te interpones en el plan divino, y en adición, quizás esa chica es la que lo va a amar como nadie más en la vida (excepto tú, por supuesto ;-).

Todos estos deseos de evitarle a tus hijos pasar por lo que tú pasaste o por lo que has visto a otros pasar, no son otra cosa que reflejo de tus propios miedos. Lamentablemente, tendemos a heredarle los miedos propios a nuestros retoños. Desde el terror a las cucarachas, los sapos y los ratones, hasta cosas más importantes y trascendentales como el miedo al fracaso, a la desilusión y al rechazo. Y aquí estriba nuestro mayor reto: heredarle a mis hijos las herramientas para crear su propio futuro y sus propias experiencias, y no “intoxicarlos” con aquello que me ata a mí. Te voy a dar dos ejemplos bien sencillos, y que me atrevo a tomar prestados de esa ilustre venezolana que ya no está físicamente entre nosotros, pero que continúa educándonos a través de su maravillosa obra literaria: Conny Méndez (Si no la conoces, búscala en google”. No te vas a arrepentir de leer su Librito Azul, y consigues el pdf de gratis en internet). Conny utilizaba estos dos ejemplos que me marcaron a los 13 años cuando la leí por primera vez.

Número uno: ¿Por qué le decimos a nuestros hijos que mojarse con el agua de lluvia les va a causar un resfriado? ¿Acaso no es lo mismo que mojarse con el agua de la ducha? Si existe algún estudio científico que demuestre que mojarse con el agua de la lluvia causa resfriado, por favor, les agradeceré que me hagan llegar la información. Créanme que yo ya lo busqué en Google, y todo lo que encontré fue que estresores externos “pudieran” aumentar la posibilidad de que alguien se enferme.  Pero la ciencia dice, que la gente se enferma por exponerse a virus o bacterias. Y si me preguntan, seguro que el agua de la Autoridad de Acueductos y Alcantarillados tiene más de esos que la de lluvia. Ahora bien, nuestros cerebros son fácilmente maleables y adiestrables, sobre todo en la niñez, y muy bien crearán la respuesta para la cual se les programó desde bebés. De tanto decirle a alguien que se va a enfermar si se moja, créeme que su cerebro lo va a complacer y se va a resfriar.  Número dos: “Nene, deja de hacer eso, que te vas a caer y te vas a dar un golpe”. La madre que no haya dicho esto (y me incluyo), que tire la primera piedra. ¿Sabes qué? Lo peor de todo no es que estemos condicionando al niño a que tema golpearse, lo terrible es que luego le decimos: “¡Te lo dije que te ibas a caer!” Pues claro que se iba a caer, si se lo pronosticaste, se lo informaste, se lo cantaleteaste, y por ende, lo convenciste. Con esto no me refiero a que no vayas a detener una conducta insegura de tus hijos. No es eso. Pero cuántas veces no decimos esta frase cuando realmente no existe un peligro real. Piénsalo la próxima vez que vayas a utilizarla, y dime si no fue una exageración para la situación específica.

Es importante que recordemos que nuestros hijos vinieron através de nosoyoli dante2tros, pero no son nuestros. Son entes totalmente independientes (al menos mientras sean parte de esta tercera dimensión material), con un alma propia, una misión propia, y unas necesidades propias. Tus hijos no vinieron al mundo para estudiar lo que tú querías pero no hiciste nunca (y si estas vivo, ¡todavía puedes!). Tampoco vinieron para cuidarte cuando tú estés viejo (¡Qué mito más egoísta! El verdadero amor no espera nada a cambio). Tampoco, para convertirse en la estrella de tu deporte favorito, el cual a él o a ella le da lo mismo, pero que tú piensas que te va a sacar de pobre cuando llegue a grandes ligas. Pero con esto no quiero decir que no puedas con la misión de ser madre. Tus hijos te escogieron a ti (sí, antes de cruzar el portal interdimensional, lo hablaron con Dios). Y te escogieron porque eres la persona perfecta para enseñarles lo que necesitan aprender en esta vida, o quizás porque vienen a enseñarte ellos a ti (y díganme que no hay muchísimos niños por ahí que son almas viejas y saben más de compasión y de amor incondicional que muchos adultos). Sin embargo, esa enseñanza que le debes ofrecer, debe brotar de tu amor y no de tus miedos. Dale a tus hijos el espacio para ser ellos mismos, para explorar sus capacidades y su espiritualidad sin tapujos y sin juzgarlos. Y por sobre todas las cosas, herédales una mente positiva, enséñales a ver lo bueno de cada situación, y ofréceles el respeto que se merecen como seres humanos. Ese es el mejor regalo que una madre le puede hacer a sus hijos. Continue reading “El Mejor Regalo de una Madre a sus Hijos”

The Best Gift a Mother can Give to Her Kids

mother and daughter

I know I am not traditional. On Mothers’ Day, I’m sure you are used to be told how great you are, how sacrificed your mom profession is, and how much you do for your kids. But today, being as irreverent as I am, I dare to request that you reflect on your role on your kids’ lives.

You’ll see. A lot is said about all that mothers sacrifice for their kids, all mothers nag so their kids will “learn”, and how important it is for a mother to lean over backwards so her kids have certain things, learn certain things, and avoid certain things. Well, let’s examine motherhood in detail.

Turns out mom, and I include myself, women have an extraordinarily special and difficult role. We are interdimensional portals. Wow! That sounds like Star Trek, ¿doesn’t it? Well, we are. We are the vehicle through which a disembodied being, a soul, pure energy, takes a physical tridimensional body and enters in our material reality. Yikes! That sounds hard! Well it is, above all, because the fact we carry those beautiful creatures for nine months inside our wombs, occasionally leads us to think it gives us the right to feel we own them. Nothing furthest from the truth.

Mother, your children came into the world with a purpose (other than cause you stretch marks, gray hair, and end with your hours of sleep for the rest of your life). We all come to this world to learn from the lessons waiting for us, because, if we take advantage of them, they will edify us, and make us better human beings. And that includes your girl, yes, the one that fell in love with that “douche bag” with the pierced tongue, whom you can’t even bear to see. You know what? It is not your place to keep your girl from going through that relationship, and through its possible consecuent love disillusion (although that “douche bag” might as well be a saint. Stop judging people on their appearance!). One thing is to advise her, and explain to her BEFORE falling in love age hits her, all the emotions that she will experience when it happens. And remember, allowing her to watch that soap opera does not count as sentimental education (probably totally the opposite). Now, when the time comes for the girl to fall in love, she will follow her heart or her hormones. There’s nothing you can do to avoid that. For you to get in the way, will only interrupt the divine plan for your girl, and even if you don’t believe it, it delays her spiritual development. Look at it this way, if God sent her that experience, it’s because she can handle it. Remember God will never give us more load than we can bear over our shoulders, and also, he gave us a guardian angel who is willing to take that load off our backs and would carry it for us, as long as we ask for assistance (otherwise, he will respect our free will).

mother-and-sonBut you, boy’s mom, don’t think this doesn’t apply to you. Yes, you, the one worried that her kid the altar boy, the straight A’s student, fell in love with the neighbor’s girl, the low grades student, the one covered in tattoos, who has slept with half the High School boys, and is not what you wish for your kid. I tell you the same, preventing your kid from having this experience, attempts against his mission in life, since you interpose in the divine plan, and also, maybe that girl is the one that will love him more than anyone else in life (except you, of course ;-).

All these desires to keep your kids from having to go through what you went through or what you saw others go through, is not anything else but a reflection of your own fears. Sadly, we tend to inherit our own fears to our offspring. From the fear of cockroaches, frogs, and rats, to more important and transcendental things like fear of failure, disillusion, and rejection. And here lies our greatest challenge: to inherit my kids with the tools to create their own future and their own experiences, and not to “intoxicate” them with that which binds me. I will give you two very simple examples I dare to borrow from that illustrious Venezuelan who is no longer with us physically, but continues educating us through her wonderful literary work: Conny Méndez (If you don’t know her, google her. You will not be sorry to read her “Little Blue Book” (El Librito Azul – Spanish version pdf available online for free). I tried to locate an English version online but wasn’t successful. I’ve been wanting to translate this book into English for several years now. Maybe 2015 is the right time). Conny used these two examples that marked me at 13 years old, when I first read her.

Number one: Why do we tell our kids getting wet in the rain will catch them a cold? Isn’t it
the same as getting wet in the shower? If there is a scientific study showing how getting wet in the rain causes a cold, please, I will appreciate it if you send me this information. Believe me, I already googled it and all I could find was that external stressors might make people more susceptible to getting sick. But science says, people get sick when exposed to virus and bacteria. And if you ask me, I think the local water company’s water has more of those than rain water. Now, our brains are very malleable and trainable, above all in childhood, and it will very likely create the response for which it was programmed since babyhood. So much telling someone they will get sick if they get wet, believe me, their brain will comply and the person will get a cold. Number two: “Boy, stop doing that or you will fall and hit yourself”. May the mom who has never said anything like this (me included) cast the first stone. You know what? The worst of all is not that we are conditioning the kid to fear getting hit, the terrible part is we later tell him: “I told you you’d fall!” Of course he’d fall, since you forecasted it, informed him, nagged him about it, so finally, you convinced him. By this I do not mean you should not stop an unsafety conduct from your kids. That’s not what this is. But how many times have we said that phrase when there is no actual danger. Think about it the next time you are about to use it, and tell me if it was not an exaggeration for the specific situation.

It is important for us to remember our kids came through us, but are not ours. They areyoli dante2 individual entities (at least as long as they are part of this material third dimension), with a soul of their own, a mission of their own, and needs of their own. Your kids did not come to the world to study what you wanted to but never did (and if you are alive, you still can!). Nor did they come to take care of you when you are old (What a selfish myth! True love waits for nothing in return). Nor did they come to become your favorite sport’s star, sport for which he or she doesn’t really care, but you think they will get you out of poverty when they hit the major leagues. By all this I do not mean you cannot fulfill your mission as a mom. Your kids chose you (yes, before crossing the interdimensional portal, they talked about it with God). And they chose you because you are the perfect person to teach them what they need to learn in this life, or maybe, because they come to teach you (and tell me there are no children out there that are old souls, and know more about compassion and unconditional love than many adults). However, this teaching you must offer them, must spring from your love and not from your fears. Give your kids the space to be themselves, to explore their capabilities and spirituality openly and without being judged. And above all things, inherit them a positive mind, teach them to see the good in every situation, and offer them the respect they deserve as human beings. That is the best gift a mother can give to her kids.